Time gate

Freight forwarding

Real-time tracking and time booking helps to keep your fleet in move


Allocation of loading capacities and setting real time status of the load decrease idle time to the minimum


No two customers are the same ! We are aware of this fact ! Our system provides customized tracking and planning based on your own requirements.


Reporting of system processes results easier activity analytics, places the base of cost efficient decision making.

  • Our target

    To give you guarantee that your shipments get to the destinations by the most effective time management.

    We are convinced that well organised shipments arriving destinations accurately, within the minimum time make huge advantage for all partners. That’s the same interest of the customer, logistics specialists, freighters and of us as well to win your trust.

  • How we can help

    Making our system available we are simply able to increase effectivity of your work processes.

    GateBooking system is userfriendly, easy to lern to use, advantages of the usage can be experienced immediately. Idle times decrease, forwarding and loading become more efficient and effective.

Our advantages

Our GateBooking system makes life of our partners dealing with logistics a lot easier. Userfriendly application assures the job flow with no any delays or congestion but in logical rhytm. Due to customizability of the system we highly recommend it to all companies dealing with supply chain and logistics as well as warehousing.

Your side

  • congestions are over at arrival of freights
  • loading capacity consistent planned
  • transparent processes
  • analytics can be made based on reports

Regarding your partners

  • shipment can be planned for fixed date
  • idle times decrease
  • real time visible status of load
  • activity of subcontractors can be checked

Our Partners